Some people need more than the subtle touch of craniosacral therapy to feel as though their body has been connected with—and to connect with themselves. For this reason, I also specialize in a gentle but firm form of deep tissue massage.

IMG_4287 (4)During a deep tissue massage, I use firm, consistent pressure that slowly melts into the tissues. My purpose is to release not just the muscle, but also the binding in the fascia that surrounds the muscle. Guided by your feedback, I work along the edge between discomfort and pleasure, an area of “delicious discomfort.” I generally hold the pressure for at least a minute, until I feel the tissues melt.

I offer therapeutic, deep tissue sessions that focus on your problem areas. In many cases, I combine this work with circulatory massage in order to move cellular waste out of the tissues and bring in fresh blood flow. I can also combine massage with verbal skills to work with emotions or trauma held in the tissues.

 Bodywork elements I can combine

  • Deep tissue massage: Gentle but firm work that can be done clothed or on bare skin. It is generally performed without oil or massage cream. However, I can also work deeply with oil or cream if requested—this is called deep circulatory massage.
  • Circulatory massage: Also called Swedish massage, this work is done on bare skin using flowing strokes with massage oil or lotion. It can be light and soothing, vigorous to move fluids and cellular waste, or deeper to work out knots and tension.
  • Somato-emotional integration: I can help you integrate the emotional responses and personal process that can surface as a result of bodywork. I do this through a combination of bodywork and verbal skills that help bring awareness to what is arising in the body and then facilitate gentle release.
  • Craniosacral therapy: If you are interested in combining craniosacral therapy with massage, this is an option too. Just let me know what you’d like, and I’ll custom design a session for you.

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